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AproposbyDesign's unique handmade jewelry showcases my gold and silver earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more  made with unusual pearls, gemstones, artisan, and vintage items. I offer a wide range of jewelry styles and pricing options — all with my  high quality workmanship.


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You can purchase my  unique jewelry online through my Etsy jewelry shop, AproposbyDesign. Just click on the "Buy" link below.




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I have always loved the arts — dance, music, visual arts of all types. I also have a passion for jewelry and when life took a turn for me, I had an opportunity …


Tired of wearing mass-produced jewelry? Are you looking for jewelry that's different and unusual? Can't find the design or piece of fashion or luxury jewelry you want?  Your jewelry should be unique — like you! My handmade jewelry in gold and fine silver reflects my passion for beauty and design and the unusual — that's what makes my jewelry unique. 


AproposbyDesign handmade jewelry is currently available in my Etsy online jewelry shop, AproposbyDesign. Please click on the link below to go there directly.


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Fine Silver & Fire Citrine Earrings

Brushed fine silver & citrine earrings with 22k gold

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