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About — AproposbyDesign Unique Handmade Jewelry Online

I source AproposbyDesign’s jewelry materials from around the world and I purchase my gemstones and pearls in smaller batches from trusted suppliers. That way, I can count on quality, consistency, and fair prices every time I buy new gems and pearls. And, since I’m not in the business of mass-production jewelry, I don’t need to buy commercial grade materials in large quantities — in short, I can afford to be picky. I purchase my wire, fine silver, and gold materials from a single U.S. company that I know delivers the best and consistent quality; it also means I can monitor the gold and silver prices more easily. I use the best materials from the best sources at fair prices and that means you are able to buy beautiful, unique handmade jewelry online from AproposbyDesign — ready made and custom made — that is affordable!    


AproposbyDesign Unique Handmade Jewelry Online
by Andrea Davies


Andrea Davies. AproposbyDesign

My Story

Just when I thought life had handed me a bag of rocks, I opened the bag and discovered they were gemstones — and I’ve been passionately making jewelry since!


After years of corporate crap and family sadness, I really felt the need to be creative and make something beautiful. I get inspired in many different ways (colors in a garden, gems collecting in my work area, even music at the gym, the list goes on) and there is no end to the ideas I have for my unique handmade jewelry!


I use a wide variety of techniques — wire wrapping, chainmaille, weaving, knotting, metal clay to name a few — and I’m always learning new techniques to add to the styles and variations of my jewelry. If you’d like more information, please check out my blog and my Facebook page

My Vision

You deserve unique and one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry! Whether you're stepping out for a casual event or going to a formal wedding, AproposbyDesign is dedicated to the creation of beautiful handmade jewelry — luxury jewelry, custom made jewelry, gold and fine silver jewelry — that is striking, affordable, and complements your style. 


Offering my jewelry online just makes it that much easier for you to shop and buy my jewelry. And, if you have any questions, you can always contact me by email or mobile.

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