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Getting Fired Up: How I Made Ruby Teardrop Pendant & Earrings in Silver & Gold by Andrea Davies

This is a brief run down on the process I used to make my silver and gold teardrop ruby pendant and matching earrings (listed in my Etsy shop, AproposbyDesign). I know pictures tell a story faster than words, but words at this stage are faster for me! Andrea Davies 😉

HOW THE FINE SILVER GOLD TEARDROP RUBY PENDANT WAS MADE: This silver and gold teardrop pendant was created using fine silver (more "pure" than sterling) precious metal clay (PMC). Once fired, this metal in this pendant is genuine fine silver! The largest teardrop was made with 4 separate pieces (2 teardrop shapes and 2 separate clay pieces for the sides). The teardrop pieces were cut, formed, dried and then joined together with the sides (and fitted with the handmade bail) to dry once again (making this teardrop hollow). The 2 inverted teardrops on the top were cut, formed, and the largest fitted with the lab ruby. Both were dried and sanded smooth multiple times before firing in a kiln. Once fired and cooled, the 4 layers of 22k gold were applied on and allowed to dry between each layer, then torch-fired and immediately burnished to get the gold to gleam. The silver portions were then sanded to a brushed finish.

HOW THESE FINE SILVER GOLD TEARDROP RUBY EARRINGS WERE MADE: These silver and gold teardrop earrings were also created with fine silver precious metal clay (PMC) — the silver teardrops were formed, dried, and sanded smooth multiple times before firing in a kiln. Then 4 layers of 22k gold were layered on top of the tiny teardrops and the handmade bezels around the lab rubies and torch-fired before burnishing. The pieces were then sanded to a brushed finish. I custom made the ear wires specially for these drop earrings with the same teardrop motif — a fine silver 3D teardrop topped with 4 layers of 22k gold and I soldered the teardrop to the sterling ear wire. The sterling ear wires have been brushed to give them a matte finish and the hooks are shaped so that they will "stay in" (no more hair pulling out your earring — yay!). These earrings measure 1.5 inches/31 mm from the top of the ear wire.


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